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Before McClain, I spent hours each day calling all of our carriers tracking freight. Now, I get an email each morning of all of my shipments and our sales reps get a email with the progress of their shipments. Huge time saver!
– Retail Products Distributor

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Our roots here at McClain are heavily based in our supply chain consulting and 3PL services. Both the transportation logistics industry and technology have evolved. We have adapted and pride ourselves continually on our technology, which has enabled us to maintain our focus and stability within the consulting and 3PL segments.

McClain & Associates’ transportation management software (TMS) offers a full suite of transportation logistics services with user-friendly features and quick time to market. Kuebix, built on the platform, is a fully integrative solution which provides security, visibility, route optimization, dashboards, and advanced analytics tools to ensure our client’s freight is routed in the most time and cost efficient manner.

All the right Tools


McClain believes in fostering the client/carrier relationship, which is reflected not only in our day to day interactions with clients but also in how we have developed our technology. By centralizing your freight into one platform, customers, sales representatives, vendors, buyers, engineers, etc. gain access to vital information within seconds.

McClain is fully integrated with all major LTL and TL carriers so tracking information is transmitted in real time, and is stored in the client portal for instant access by clients. In addition, EDI, API, SOAP, REST, and various other protocols are in place with carriers so that error-prone information is electronically managed to avoid error by human intervention.

The ability to compare costs and transit times of various carriers not only saves money but something just as valuable, time. Shipments are created, BOLs and labels printed, and carriers are scheduled within a matter of minutes.



Kuebix: Modern Technology Built by Industry Experts

Adapting to Industry Trends


Salesforce, the World’s #1 Cloud Platform offers unparalleled security, ease of use, reliability, and time to market. This revolutionary cloud-based infrastructure allows us to customize our application to meet the specific needs of our clients.

The platform gives clients the advantage of using their existing technology to easily integrate their ERP systems, combining shipment and order information in a centralized location. Client’s who choose to outsource their logistics services to McClain & Associates are provided this cutting edge, cloud-based software, absolutely free of charge and with no additional infrastructure costs.

McClain’s multi- tenant platform provides clients, vendors, and carriers real-time visibility and collaboration through the entire supply chain. Each McClain & Associates user sensitive personal data is kept secure and insulated from that of other users, however, each participant is represented in this virtual marketplace. Gathering all these users in one space affords greater collaboration, transparency, and integration, saving time and money for all involved. his software is unique in that is has been developed and continuously maintained by veteran transportation professionals who fully understand the importance of improving process efficiencies while reducing costs.

Working for you


Salesforce’s native features provide exceptional analytic building tools. When shipment and order information is stored in a centralized location, the metrics rendered are invaluable. Not only is time saved, but errors  caused by manual entry are avoided allowing clients to accurately manage and analyze transportation costs and execution performance data. Utilizing these features allows managers greater flexibility in modifying standard reports or creating entirely new ones, with the ability to export to excel or email directly from the system on a scheduled or on demand basis.

Total Spend

Average Cost Per Mile, Pound, Unit, etc.

Spend by Carrier, Vendor & Location

Inbound Freight as a Percentage of Purchases

Outbound Freight as a Percentage of Net Sales

Accuracy of transit times

Claims as a Percent of Freight Cost

Employee Key Performance Data

Vendor and Carrier Compliance

Managed Transportation Services

  • Freight Pay & Audit
  • Carrier & Vendor Compliance
  • PO Management – Inbound Collect
  • SO/CO Management – Outbound Prepaid

When an invoice is received, the billed amount is electronically compared to the quoted amount in our system. If these amounts are the same, the invoice gets approved and the client is billed based on their individual invoicing agreements with McClain. If the billed amount varies from the quoted amount due to a possible assessorial, reclassification, or reweigh a case is created and the CSR is responsible for resolving these discrepancies prior to the client receiving the invoice. All accessorials, re-weighs, and classes are meticulously tracked for client accounting purposes for yearly negotiations with carriers.

Data collected on carrier compliance, i.e. on time deliveries, damages, and lost product gives companies leverage when negotiating better freight rates. Similarly, vendor compliance data, i.e. late deliveries; defective product; and short ships is tracked and costs incurred from non-compliant shipments is identified. Strengthening vendor compliance encourages vendors to increase their customer service, which is directly passed on to you, the client, and your customers. Implementing lean or JIT philosophies is a priority for most shippers. These philosophies are often not performing at their fullest capacity as many companies must keep excess inventory to reduce risk.

As your 3PL, our goal is to use this stored information to build the largest, most cost-effective shipment by identifying potential opportunities to combine your POs to reduce the number of shipments, subsequently decreasing unit cost. Throughout the life cycle of the order, McClain is proactively monitoring the shipment, making sure it is both ready to ship on time, and once picked up, delivers on time. Arming McClain with this data alleviates the client from the guessing game and pressure to follow up. When these procedures and integrations are in place, McClain can ensure down to each individual line item, that the order is complete and shipped in the most cost and time efficient manner. If an order is not going to make delivery or is short shipped, we will work with both shipper and vendor to appease the issue.
As the shipper reports progress to the McClain these updates will be manifested with all other relevant shipment and order information. At this time clients can log into their portal and see instant updates on their shipment.

Through an integration to your ERP system, we are able to receive an electronic transmission of your SO or CO data. Not only does this store all of your SO/CO information in a centralized location in conjunction with all shipment data, but it reduces time and errors made from manual entry of shipment data. When these processes are in place, your shipping manager is able to search the SO/CO when creating a shipment, decreasing the time spent manually creating the shipment. This integration provides McClain and our clients with visibility of all pending orders.


Compiling PO and freight information into a centralized location allows current and historical data to be analyzed. From this analysis, exceptions are identified and procedures are implemented to mitigate potential risks from recurrence. Using exception management dashboards and alerts to identify these potential risks focuses time on those shipments in jeopardy or in need of immediate attention.

Easy Way To Track Your Shipments

Most companies understand the significance of order management, however, they don’t always understand the numerous ways in which 3PLs and their technology can improve these processes. McClain’s TMS is able to integrate with all ERP systems so when a customer creates an order, a carbon copy of that order is sent into the TMS. At this time, all line item information is now visible and ready for analysis with shipment data.

If there is a problem with our freight my CSR deals with it before I even know about it, or calls to let me know and discuss options. They let me focus on more Important things and save a ton of stress!

– Retail Products Distrobutor

Customers with a substantial amount of freight coming into their facility want instant access to their product at all times. For these clients, they can be granted a portal with information specific to their business. In this case, clients rarely are calling your employees and forcing them to spend their valuable time tracking freight.

Customers who do not have a need for a portal can utilize the search field on the McClain website for instant tracking of shipments by PO, PRO, shipment, or any other associated number.

Regardless of the volume, clients can optionally receive real-time updates emailed to them regarding their shipment. In addition, clients can have reports emailed to them on a scheduled or on-demand basis with all freight information.

Clients also have the option of calling into McClain, providing them with a PO, PRO, BOL or any other number associated with the shipment to receive tracking information.

If a customer were to call into your facility, your personnel could quickly and easily log into their portal, and give them the requested information.

Kuebix & McClain

Working Together

McClain & Associates’ transportation management software (TMS) offers a full suite of transportation and logistics services. Kuebix, built on the platform, is a fully interatable solution that provides security, visibility, route optimization, dashboards, and advanced analytics and reporting tools that ensure our customer’s freight is routed in the most time and cost efficient manner.




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