Why McClain?

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Our History

Serving You Since 1995



Mike McClain’s original footprint in the transportation industry can be found in owning and managing multiple warehousing facilities throughout St. Louis beginning in 1995 before transitioning to become St. Louis’ premiere logistics company . Read more



As the transportation logistics industry evolved, it became apparent to Mike that the area where he could make the most impact, and set industry standards was by providing the St. Louis economy with a multimodal supply chain solution and 3PL. McClain… Read more



Earth City, MO was the next stop for McClain & Associates. This move allowed all employees to be on one level to help facilitate communication as well as placed us in a centralized location to be more accessible  to clients.  Read more



McClain & Associates, St. Louis’ premiere logistics company, now resides in the Gundaker building on Dorsett off of 270. This building allows all members of our operations team to be in a centralized location and boasts more conducive and modern conference… Read more

McClain: A 3PL

Here To Assist You

McClain & Associates was founded in 1995 by Mike & Kelly McClain. McClain & Associates is a 3PL established on the principle of forming partnerships with our clients, having the goals of assisting them in cost reduction while creating efficiencies, improving predictability, reliability, and visibility of their supply chain.

Amid dynamic economic times, McClain has not only survived, but thrived. As a logistics company, we credit our success to unprecedented 24 hour, 7 day a week customer service; expanding knowledge in both the transportation industry and our clients’ industries; setting, meeting, and exceeding client standards regarding technology; as well as developing  mutually beneficial relationships with our network of carriers. This model of premiere customer service encompasses overall traffic patterns and performance across the entire supply chain.

The Power of Technology

As demand for the knowledge provided by visibility and big data became more apparent, our clients expectations of efficient technology provided by their logistics company increased. As such, McClain formed a partnership with Kuebix, the pioneer of cloud-based supply chain technology.  With the help of Kuebix, McClain & Associates leverages Salesforce.com, the leader in cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM), to launch a proprietary, web-based, technology-enabled transportation and supply chain management software (TMS).

McClain & Associates software as a service (SaaS) provides our 3PL clients the tools necessary to revolutionize their current method of operations, increase efficiencies and economize freight spend overall. As an logistics and freight industry trend-setter, McClain is committed to growing with our client; with our carriers; with technology; and with dynamic industry and economic trends.

How We Operate

Why McClain

McClain & Associates is a non-asset based truckload, less-than-truckload, and intermodal logistics company offering our customizable logistics technology built on the Force.com Platform. Being both non-asset based and technology driven enables us to excel in an ever-changing business environment. As a 3PL, McClain has not only grown at consistent double-digit pace annually since our conception in 1995 but has remained a viable competitor in a volatile marketplace. Our financial sustainability and many years of combined employee experience has allowed McClain not only to gain the respect of the industry, but has also given us the opportunity to partner with best in class carriers to foster lasting relationships that in turn, benefit our client’s bottom line.

Many logistics companies enforce strict contracts upon their clients, obligating them to utilize only their services, regardless of cost increases or unreliable service for the duration of the contract. This forces commitment from you, the client, but it doesn’t elicit commitment from the logistics company. At McClain we are committed to earning your business each day, we see no need to force contracts upon our clients. We perpetuate top-notch service, and our clients don’t want to leave. At McClain, your goals are our commitments.



  • We are committed to being a trusted partner, advisor, advocate, and consultant to your company. When you grow, we grow.
  • We are committed to finding efficiencies in your supply chain and to reducing risk, with the intention of saving you money, time and stress.
  • We are committed to providing you with revolutionary logistics technology, customized to your business, your needs, and your employees.
  • We are committed to following through with all shipments and ensuring a problem free process for all our customers
  • We are committed to maintaining the original rates that you are given, and do not engage in “bait and switch” techniques.
  • We are committed to providing you with the information you need to know before you need to know it.

Our Logistics Experts

At McClain, our employees are what set us apart from the rest. With experience in various industries and a passion for logistics, our team is constantly prepared and on the clock 24-7. Your dedicated logistics expert will get to know you, your customers, and your vendors personally, and will build a relationship that fosters communication, efficiency, and trust. Each time you make contact with McClain, you will know the person on the other end of the line.

Each department (LTL, TL, Intermodal) within McClain is managed by a logistics industry expert, knowledgeable not only in their respective department but in how each department works cohesively together to comprise their customer’s transportation footprint. With this being said, members of all departments are continuously collaborating across modes to uncover cost and time-saving opportunities for their customers.

Industries We Serve

Our employees have comprehensive insights to all sectors of the economy and are able to apply that

know-how when improving their clients transportation programs. 

Paper & Packaging

Consumer Goods

Industrial Goods

Energy & Infrastructure

Pharmaceuticals & Health Care



Food & Beverage


Government & Nonprofits

Supply Chain Services

Custom Transportation

Each customer has a custom transportation management portal tailored to their transportation needs and goals. Regardless of the mode, McClain is able to mobilize our network of carriers to secure availability, premium service, and competitive costs. By use of our technology and expertise, shipment data is analyzed to uncover opportunities for cost and time savings through lane conversion and various other techniques available with our supply chain consulting services.


Managing orders, quoting, comparing costs, transit times, and scheduling LTL shipments has never been easier. Whether shipping inbound, outbound or third party, clients have one logistics expert dedicated to their entire supply chain. This expert will get to know you, your vendors, and your customers personally, having an equal stake in the success of your company. For more information on please see our full LTL information page.


McClain provides flatbed, dry van, temperature-controlled, open-deck, and more TL options by utilizing our extensive network and industry presence leveraging options from tens of thousands of carriers across the US, Mexico, and Canada.


Once seen in a negative light, Intermodal transportation is now the fastest growing segment in the transportation industry. No longer the black sheep, intermodal has transformed itself and now boasts comparable OTR transit times, 98% on-time delivery, reduction of fuel, increased sustainability, and increased capacity. With millions of invested in infrastructure, technology, and training of employees, railroads deliver shipments damage free over 99% of the time.



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